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Our History

The past 25 years saw us helping hundreds of customers. We have a team of professionally qualified and licensed engineers, both in the structural and civil engineering areas. Our engineers are Members of Engineers Australia and Licensed Building Practitioners (VIC). They work in accordance with our quality assurance system AS9001-2008.


Our Goal

Not all building cracks are structurally significant and there is no one-size-fits-all approach for building cracks. Our goal is to determine what has caused the cracks and advise for appropriate remedial measures before covering the cracks. Main cause of the cracks must be addressed in the first place. Our investigation is always focused on this aspect of the problem.



We can provide independent assessment and report on your building cracks before you commit to a potentially expensive repair contract. More often than not, there are more ways to achieve a satisfactory outcome. Our extensive background and long experience in the field will help you obtain an outcome that fits within your budget.  

Our Services

Inspections, reports, budget estimates, recommendations, supervision

Inspection & Investigation

We come to your place and do the "detective" work in order to find out what is the main reason for cracks occurrence.

Report & Recommendations

We provide a report outlining the likely causes for the cracks and make recommendations for remedial measures.

Budget Estimates

If requested, we can also provide a scope of works for remedial measures as well as with a budget estimate for the works.

Works Supervision

At your request, we can provide supervision, to ensure remedial works are being carried out properly.

Our Recent Work

Here are few examples of what we do and what we did. As you can see, building cracks occur due to various reasons: ground settlement, leaks, footing failure.

Residential 001
Institutional 001
Residential 002
Residential 003

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